Deep web? how to enter it?

i wanna enter deep web, im just soooooo wondering about it. Especially the illegal experiments. So how can i get access to deep web and not get caught?
bye the way , i won't use it in a bad way :) just learning about experiments and interesting informations.


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  • Download TOR, off you go.

    • umm... im not sure if it's safe only using tor browser. is it?

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    • so how can i find sites? i mean i hope there is a place that writes sites down.

    • the right communities have the addys, which keep changing for obvious reasons.

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  • download tor

    • really? that's it? i mean im a bit of afraid LOL because what i'll do there will be an innocent thing, just reading some experiments, and i dont wanna get into jail just because i read an article about people that's been off food for 30 days LOL

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    • here, i googled ways to keep as anonymous as possible on the deeb web for you. check out this link.
      happy deep web surfing!

    • Thanks dude.

  • you mean kiddie porn that is so immoral