What do you do when you feel like SHIT?

My parents passed away some years ago and I was thinking of them and started feeling awful. I don't know what's been happening lately but I always feel like trash and I'm getting tired of this. I had to deal with feeling awful for years but thought things were getting better... I was obviously wrong.

My sister is staying over at her bf's place, my girlfriend has too many problems of her own for me to add more stress and my best friend has a test tomorrow and she's studying so... yeah I feel lonely af lol

Anyone else feeling sad? what are you doing to feel better? if you're not sad now, what do you do when you do feel that way?

Geez I forgot I asked this. Anyways things got worse.


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  • 1) I'm sorry about your parents.

    2) I would do something that I know makes me happy. So videogame, writing fanfiction, watching movies...

  • well first of all I pray. Then I try to get out and move around, do some sort of exercise, get some sunlight... talk to people (even if online). Sometimes I take a nap or try to cry. Also, don't be afraid to tell people how you're feeling.

    I have this type of horrible + lonely feeling quite often - I understand.

    • I'm not -afraid- but I don't wanna bother people with my problems when they're busy with their own business :/

    • in general just don't be shy about it - especially if it's about your parents, I don't see a problem with talking to your sister

    • She's staying over at her boyfriend's so I don't think it's right to call her and talk about my problems. She deserves to enjoy and be happy without having to deal with my issues or to think about something that wil make her feel bad :/

      But thank you! I guess I'll talk to random people about random subjects or something.

  • I workout and listen to music.

  • When im sad, i distract myself with other people and hobbies. If i find myself dwelling on my own depression, i stick my nose into someone else's life or drama to keep me distracted. I also read a lot of books on wattpad and do the weirdest things to make myself an others smile

  • I would call my girls for a day out

  • I like to try to relax, you should do the same. Do something that makes you happy and smile!!