Fake a weight gain?

Okay, so I have a weightcontrol in two hours. Last time I cheated, and drank water before getting on the weigh, so it said 46, 4 kg. Now, I know i haven't gained shit, and tbh i don't care. Last time i stuffed my underwear with coins, batteries, and few pieces jewlery - I also wore lots of necklaces.

How do I fake a weight gain asap?


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  • Don't do it...

    • I really have no other option.

    • You know they only care about you, right? And you know a few years down the line you're going to wish you listened and just did what they said, right? I'm sure you don't. But I hope that you realize that what you're doing to yourself isn't worth it...

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  • There is no point in faking it. You do yourself no good. And people aren't blind, Eventually they'll realise you're lying.

  • Okay, I don't need to tell you that eating disorders are bad because you've probably heard that tons if times before. But let the guys on this site convince you. Post a picture of yourself in the "how do i look" section and ask for their opinion about your weight (this is the internet, people tend to be most honest here because they care less about your emotions)

  • If your methods haven't worked, how about don't fake it and eat more calories each day?