Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Ok, so, I have always wanted to travel outta the states and see new places and things, my only problem was I didn't have a job. Well, I was just told today by a temp agency (which is who Im working through to get a job) that I have a job and asked when I could start. Well, I've been promising a friend that lives in Australia that if I were to get a job, that I would come over and see him. Well, My plans are to work for say 6 months and put the money in sperate accounts (to gain savings interest) and also I was planning on buying a bond or two specificly for travelling. Does it sound like a good idea to save up say $10,000 which I can easily make in about 6 months from a job and then go over to Australia and work over there so that I can see my friend but still be able to support myself? I heard someone travelled aronnd the world or at least most countries on $9500.00.

  • Yes, it sounds like a great idea because you have the money to go, and you wanted to see your friend. I think you'll love it!
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  • No, because it takes more money than that to get over there and its just a waste of time and effort...
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  • Yes! Why?
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  • No! Why?
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  • It does seem like a good idea if you're just visiting there temporarily for 6 months. I have always wanted to travel to Australia and visit a friend there as well, but I can't go for like 6 months, the most I can go for is a month. Just have fun and have a good trip when you do go.

    • I mean to find a job here in the us for 6 months then go over there and spend maybe a year there.

    • But maybe once you get there, you may never want to leave. Trust me on this. I went to Alberta just to visit and just look for a casual job to support myself while I stay, I've been working here full time for 4 years now. My parents or siblings lives a province away. So yea, you never really know.


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  • It's good idea to follow your dreams but make sure your set before
    you make plans to do anything :)

  • Sure why not your young yet so go for it

  • I just came back from Australia actually... was there for 5 years.

    If you can reduce living costs like rent, which is very expensive, you make much more money than in US.


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  • You sure it was 9500.00 and not 95000.00?

    If you feel comfortable in going so far away from home with 10k then go for it. Just be cautious about how you spend your money and be careful with who knows about your money.

    • Thanks mom :P lol good point tho.

    • Hey, this is comin' from someone who has traveled alone out of state and made the mistake of going somewhere to eat that was pricey as hell (which I didn't KNOW), and blowing a good chunk of my money, then needing to text my parents so they could wire me some.

      Just lookin' out. :D

  • sounds like a good idea

  • It sounds good to me!