Does anyone know of ways ordinary citizens can help with the crises in Syria and Iraq?

Ramadi has fallen. Palmyra has fallen. Media coverage of the latter has focused on the impending destruction of a World Heritage site (which it is, in every sense of the word), but the fact remains that ISIS is massacring civilians in both cities. Just yesterday the sick fucks gleefully posted a video of what looks like a teenager being tied to a telephone pole and shot with an RPG. I won't even go into what they've done to the thousands of women and children they've abducted.

Ever since this started, I haven't been able to look away. They say a picture is worth a thousand words? This GIF best summarizes my current feelings:

Does anyone know of ways ordinary citizens can help with the crises in Syria and Iraq?

It's times like this I regret not enlisting out of high school. I was 14 when the Twin Towers came down, and at the time I wanted to, but by the time I was old enough to sign up we were in Iraq for reasons which just seemed thin to me. Ironic. Had I gone ahead with my original plan, if I had any kind of relevant military, medical, or lingual experience, I'd be better able to help. I would have pulled a Jordan Matson. I'd be over there right now. All that's stopped me today is the certainty that I would be useless.

I've focused instead on charities to help the displaced in Syria and Iraq, but I live paycheck to paycheck, and can only donate so much. For those who care to do so, I would recommend the World Food Programme ( and Yazda. org.

Does anyone here know of any other ways to try to help?


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  • im from iraq 😕

  • Donate money to the army I guess