Are answeres here more rational than they would be in real life?

I notice a lot of the answers here are very rational, open minded. In real life emotions however cloud clear judgement and there is no time to sit in front of a monitor and ponder the correct answer.


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  • I have always noticed that people are better at advising others than themselves.

    When you're not involved in a situation and aren't wrapped up in heavy emotion, it's always easier from the outside looking in to say what you would/wouldn't do in that situation.

    However when you're the one involved, you're the one whose judgment is jaded.
    decision making becomes much harder then.

    Some of the answers on here show clear and reasonable thinking because it's always much easier to advise and to see the situation as a whole.
    I'm thinking in logic with my brain.

    While the other person is acting on emotions with their heart.


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  • hmm... interesting question. i actually think this is subjective. the open minded answers here will come from people who think their emotions through in real life. those answers here that are a little clouded are probably reflections of their own cognitive functions as well, so yeah depends on the person =]

  • Yeah, I guess here you actually have to think your opinions through before submitting, in real life you can just blurt anything out without thinking it through properly

  • Its good in here. You've got so many people to share their opinions and they say things straight. Its helpful, a lot.

    • Yeah but in terms of accuracy i highly doubt everyone is so open minded...

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  • I think on average people are less forceful with their answers but there are a few bigots that answer here but you can just ignore their advice. I think people are more irrational here because some people say things they know they'd never get away with saying in person but you do get more variety and some people with very rational answers.

  • really? I hear a lot of people shooting off their mouths and spouting ignorant drivel that they know nothing about. Largely the posts here are a bunch of girls and women trying to get validation for things they know are wrong and men with weak egos or overactive hormones