Why haven't I gotten accepted in any jobs yet?

I have about 3 years customer service skills, and my availability has a lot of hours yet no store has called me yet. What is it that they're looking for? Could it be that I'm short? :( Apparantly it's a fact that more tall people get hired than short people. I don't want this to be the case, but I've been Told that people get surprised that I'm 19 because I look younger since I'm petit in both height and weight. Could this be a factor? I was a really good worker though and whenevr I go to give my resume, I'm always dressing more professional.


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  • You've got to hustle to get a job you really want. Call that store manager and ask if the position is still available, if not, ask why that candidate was chosen instead of you. You've got to make it clear that you are truly after that job.

    • hm, I never thought of calling the manager. Usually I go in person and they send the manager so I talk to them in person. But thanks for the tip :D


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  • height has nothin 2 do with most jobs... unless if we r talkin bout some sports :)

  • I'm in the boat.


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