Can I change that fact about me? or it is just hopeless?

I just Love koreans/japanese men, not the idols or singers or any of these but the people, the culture, it drives me crazy, I am single till now cause I want badly a korean/japanese, I cannot see myself with anyone, I am always looking and trying to know more I even started taking classes, I find them so attractive even people arround me keeps saying they are ugly, I do not like K/J drama neither k/J-pop cause it is too much for my ears, I do like their traditional music (besides I do like their Manga not anime Manga), what should I do? I want to stop caring for korean/japanese and be a normal person hellppp


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  • so wot? it's yer taste... nobody should judge u :)

    • I want to change it, I want to stop it drives me crazy

    • wot's so bad about likin jap dudes?

    • my friends and then they are unvailable where I do live sadly I would date one and have a happy life


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  • you are normal right now, the fuck hahaa. what you have is a preference. and attraction isn't a choice.

  • You could embrace it and move to the far east. There's nothing wrong with you.


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