Will it be hard to move on?

As you all probably know I like this girl at school called Amy and I have done since 2012. Been too shy to ask her out and I got tips of people on here and elsewhere l what to do but somehow couldn't break my shyness barrier. I didn't ask her out. She signed my shirt on my last day of school today and put a kiss on it. "Good luck, Amy x". Shyness to ask her out has killed me over the last 3 years. I highly believe however, that I didn't waste time holding myself back and just liking a beautiful girl like her look at me a lot of times, talk to her a few times. Been the best 3 years since I met her even though she wasn't mine I somehow think she made me happy? Maybe because I was shy to ask her out? Maybe because in a weird way I wanted to stay single?

Thanks for reading my story, I had to do it!
Will it it be hard for me to move onto another girl? I've never felt like this for anyone so I have mixed emotions on what I could've done and what I should've done!


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  • its all good dude. in high school there was this super cute girl I would of figured I had no chance with her. but she ended up liking me. she flirted all the time and I didn't get the courage to ask her out. I felt like I missed out on the one. but as time went on I got noticed by other girls and met new people and now I just look back and get a little ego boost. you will get over her

    • and if you are gona see her again prepair what you could say. not phony lines just natural conversation. so if the time comes you won't stumble on your words as much ask her to do something over the summer sometime. if she says no you can move on. if she says yes you have time to prepair


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  • Aww I am sorry you missed your chance to ask her out. Anyway, you will eventually get over her because you will meet many other girls. They will manage to work as a distraction.


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  • don't b disappointed dude... u might meet her again in da future ;)

    • I'll probably see her in a weeks time as I have to go into school to complete some work before exams finish