Is my life really as bad as I think it is?

just to be clear i don't want you guys to tell me how to live. i only want to hear if my life sounds bad or normal.

I'm 18 and I'm not really happy with my life. this year I've decided to stop going to school for 1 year only. i don't know what i want with my hella useless life. i don't have a job, i don't have any friends and I'm getting pretty lonely cuz my mom is the only person I'm close with and she's actually driving me crazy sometimes. my mom suffers from rheumatism so she can't work. we live on a welfare basically. my mom keeps telling me about how poor she has it, and when i ask her if i should worry about our money problems she says 'no'.

i actually don't want to share anything else with you people right now. just tell me how bad my life is. and don't tell me how to live cuz i don't want to hear that from you guys.

Every single person here seems to think i stipped with school completely. just make sure you anderstand when i say it's only for 1 single year. in that year I want to get a job and earn some money for school. I'm going back 1 one year. don't think i stopped forever because i am going back in 1... year...
got it? good :)


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  • Your life is quite bad yes especially with your mom and financial situation but you could have helped it by finishing school. I also come from a family that struggles a lot financially so I understand how incredibly difficult it makes life. It's difficult to go to sleep every night worrying about whether your house will be taken from you or where your parents will be a few months from now. In your case your mom. But you have to learn that you can change things. Don't accept it. Work hard and get somewhere in life. You can do it.


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  • You have a mum and food on the table - everyones life could be 'better' but this all depends on the way you think and what I mean is positive and negitive thinking - I'm not telling you how to live your life but I will give you an invitation to start thinking positively - seriously - To me your life is amazing because you're 'alone' which I'd love to bits to be - but it may be hard at firsr but give it a month to 6 weeks of thinking positive and when a negative thought comes in... Replace it with a positive one for example:

    I hate the way my mum...

    And replace it with

    'i love the way my mum is caring ect'

    • why is being alone so good in your opinion?

    • I honestly don't know I'm guessing it's apart of who I am :)

  • r u searchin for a job at least? maybe u could help her :)

    • That wasn't even the question.

    • like you care. you prolly just want the xp.

    • anyway, having friends isn't essental... i got it u just want 2 collect money for going back 2 school

      do this then, but don't complain if u have no friends at least ;)

  • If you're not going to school, get a job. You'll earn money, meet people, and will help build character.


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  • Your life is ok, a lot of people have it MUCH worse. I know this is a corny line and its against how you asked people to respond. I'm not gonna tell you how run your life, its yours, you can do what you want. But in the long run dropping out of school isn't a good option, I know it seems pointless right now, but you'll need all the years of education you can get to have a good job and earn a good salary. Your life isn't useless btw! Try thinking positive (harder than it sounds by the way, I feel you, its way harder than it sounds). I can kind of relate to you, i'm not gonna say how. And i'm sorry i'm not telling you how to live! You can ignore my advice but your life isn't so bad and if you're not happy with it there is a way to make it better for you and your mom.

    • you seem to think i dropped out forever. that's not the plan. only for 1 year since i don't know what to do with my life and i dont want to waste the little money i have on another education I'm prolly not gonna finish. is that really so bad?

    • It really isn't so bad to finish school and I can understand how you think its pointless, I do all the time. But all those jobs and internships all look for people who completed all the years of school and went to college. I'm not sure college is an option for you because its so expensive, same with me, i'm not sure if i'm even going to go to college. Thats why i'm trying to get scholarships in whatever I can basically so I started a year ago with some sports and i've been studying hard in algebra and geometry and hopefully calculus too. Getting your thought together for the plan in the long run probably won't take a whole year anyways, but it will take some time, so dropping out for a month or something would be ok. On summer vacation, try getting a job, its what I do. Good luck!

  • Its bad. Sounds pretty negative (your circumstances) I guess if you want a change for the better, you'll do something about it. This situation you are currently in will probably motivate you to do better things and be a better person.