An Intellectually Satisfied Christian but Emotionally lacking in your heart as one?

One of the most important things to me was that whatever belief I have, i'd need a really solid intellectual foundation for that belief.

I came to a belief in Christianity first through reading, discovering history and philosophy and taking a really critical approach to science and reality and finding that among all the various beliefs, only in Christianity could i find the most consistent and logically rational belief that I could have. I'm now intellectually confident in my belief and apologetically have no problem providing consistent and rational answers to any questions on it.

However... although I really do believe, Christianity has my mind but not yet my heart.

I've come across many people who are the complete opposite, intellectually lacking in many of the core tenents and unable to answer most or even any objections because they've never considered it HOWEVER, they have a strong belief not founded on evidence and reason but a closer relationship.

I am trying to build my relationship with God as I know it's a progressive thing but often I don't pray until very necessary moments in life. Not as consistent as I should.

Can anyone relate and how did you build your relationship


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  • I don't think young age to pray, I don't think that's a must. I would have thought a person of faith would be almost in constant communication with their deity. Like I am in constant communication with myself, questioning myself, talking to myself, pondering my hopes and aspirations and fears. I imaged faith was just the replacement of speaking to yourself about the mysteries of life with talking to a "supreme being" instead... that's just my understanding of it though, I've never heard someone of faith ever explain it to me. I would think having that constant dialogue going on would always help strengthen any relationship you have... but I don't know.


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  • Yes, I do share your experience. I am an intellectual and I struggle with feeling the presence of God. I find that praying more often and creatively (not just Hail Mary's) helps a great deal.

    It seems that the more I reach out to God, the more I feel. The most important thing is to not let anyone tell you how to think or feel about God. Find your own way.

  • 1. Spend dedicated time in prayer (increase time as you feel comfortable)
    2. Read the Bible Dedicatedly
    3. Find a Church/Small group and get involved (church is the grinding stone that makes you a better christian)
    4. Get a Mentor. Someone that you make yourself accountable to and who can correct you.
    5. Relationship with God is relationship with anyone else. The more time you spend with them the better you know them. If you know them a long time you will learn to recognise their voice, know what they like and dislike.

  • You could try reading your bible everyday, that really helped me!

  • Church is a big thing for the emotional side.

  • I've been a Christian all my life and when my brother was in the marines, every single day I would pray to bring him back and he did so my trust and belief in God is unconditional and I thank him for everything