Studying for Science courses, but, with few distractions... how can I fix this?

Im getting ready to go back to school this fall. Im retaking Chemistry I - got a C the first time from not really studying at all, and Bio 2. My gpa is 3.5 from my BFA, but 2. something in science, i need to bring this above a 3.2 if possible. Lately, I've been going over chemistry especially, to learn how to study properly the sciences, since I am not accustomed to the science way of thinking/studying and since i am still early on in my required dental school science prereqs. My only issue is that I work a full time job, over 30 hrs a week, for a dentist and i live with my fiance of 9 years. We are very very used to being in each other's company, and miss each other very much when we are apart for work reasons. I found that it is pretty hard for me to focus on studying, casually, due to me wanting to spend time with her, and vice versa since we dont have a load of time on our hands for each other. However, when she is at work, i study at least 1.5-2hrs per day and take notes/practice problems/conceptual thinking. I have to take about 9 classes in order to get ready for the DAT exam and apply for d school. If i manage to get all A's or close to it, and since my Dentist knows the Dean of Admissions at one of the d schools here, I feel i have a strong chance to change my life, but i have to raise my gpa substantially. What things can i do to maximize my focus without having to feel like i have no time for our relationship? Also, if you did well in undergrad sciences, what things have you done to do well? My plan is to study 1.5 hours per science course/everyday or as needed.


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  • whoa hwhoa bro... over 30 hrs/week and studies? can u afford it?

    also u have a fiance!! she needs some time!


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  • studying is the most important thing!!


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  • Turn off your phone.