People who are in Law, which law school should I attend?

I got accepted into both UT law and NYU law. I've had my eyes set on international law for awhile now. NYU seems like it's got the better program for international but it's also much more expensive to study and live there than living in Austin Texas. Do you think it would make a huge difference in my future career if I went to UT instead? I know UT is still a great school but from what I've been told NYU is the best for international Law.


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  • I think NYU is better.


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  • Fordham awesome school

  • The best for your career path. You already know which that is.

    • The problem is I'm gonna have massive debt when I graduate.

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    • It could take forever to pay it off and I'm wondering if I'd still be able to get the same career with having the degree from UT.

    • Being in debt is meaningless; the value of the debt on your books would be immaterial so it would simply not matter at all. It's manageable and shouldn't factor into your decision.