Is this absolute proof that Christianity is actually true? I am neutral?

It isn't common knowledge, but the spirit realm is literally a real thing. If you research things like third eye meditation, astral projection, etc. It is possible to leave your body or to contact spirits or even to become possessed by a malevolent entity. Why is this possible? You can call it a hallucination or a product of brain activity, but at that point it is a semantics game. The experience is happening to people no matter what you call it. And all of these people experience THE SAME TYPES OF THINGS! If you can open your third eye, you will start to have visions and experience all kinds of so-called supernatural experiences. Entities will often present themselves to you as wise and enlightened gurus, but their main message is always the same: You are a God! The core tenet of Satanism! And when you say something to the tune of "I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to reveal yourself" they turn into demons! This is real life! Why does this happen?

Also, many UFO researchers have concluded that aliens are inter-dimensional beings, which makes sense as their crafts have been recorded shifting their shapes. This fits in with the fallen angel thing right?


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  • There is absolutely ZERO evidence for ANYTHING paranormal. Including all religions, ghosts, spirits, blah blah blah. It is ridiculous and childish and naive. No evidence at all. None. Christianity is a hilarious joke how can people believe these stories is a delicate history and a puny brain.

    • Zero evidence? How about the fact that hundreds of millions of people have had out of body experiences and have gained information through that? But that doesn't count does it?

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    • Such a simple and elegant explanation for something you thought was supernatural just 5 minutes ago. Isn't science just GRAND?

      People get missing socks and they create a sock demon that eats them all before they open up the back to realize it was simply sucked out into the machine. Imagine that, people make up monsters before simple science explains the obvious, then you go well duh. That is religion in a nutshell.

    • You can call it whatever you want. Call it "science" if you wish to make yourself feel more intelligent than me. The bottom line is is that life is one gigantic phenomena that shouldn't exist at all according to materialistic science, which by the way still denies quantum mechanics because it doesn't fit into their silly paradigm.


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  • Christianity is very real--it's an organized religion. That's all the proof that is needed.

    If you're talking about the beliefs within that religion, I think it depends on what people consider proof. And there are many variations of that out there.

    • Replicable experience is proof enough for any sensible person.

    • Then you're clearly not sensible because some of those happenstances could be caused by things that have nothing to do with spirituality. Yet many people want to label them as such... lol.

    • That still doesn't change the fact that it happens, when, according to the current scientific paradigm, it shouldn't be happening. Funny how no one wants to address it.

  • I suggest a movie titled God is Not dead will give some insight... on Netflix

    • Spoiler alert* he is dead, I killed him. Mwhahaha Nah just kidding, he never existed.

    • Its funny based on your response you most feel as tho I am a Christian I too have studied paranormal, different religions and new age spirituality since the age of 14 I am now 30 the movie is a good because a Christian man goes against his atheist teacher who is a professional in Philosophy it is enlightening to open your self to many possibility's one you close door you stunt spiritual growth. why ask this question? if you have all ready answered it for yourself.

    • Oops, I did not ask this question. My comment was a joke, kind of. I didn't assume anything about you, I have see the film and I study philosophy myself! Philosophy of religion being my favourite, thanks for your support and yes the film was interesting :)

  • There is no absolute proof...


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  • Here's the thing... Remove the UFO nonsense form the convo and let's focus on things that we can actually test..

    Fact- atheists are never possessed by spirits or demonic entities... Why? They don't believe in them.. Not believing in them seems to vaccinate you against possession... Lesson? Don't believe

    There was a time when religion/beliefs were used to explain everything... Now rather than declaring that the devil has possessed someone, we give them medicine to balance out their chemical malfunctions. We know the brain is not capable of sending signals or storing info, or deciphering dreams from reality so we treat their real problems...

    Isn't this better? Rather than exorcising imaginary beings, we can treat their mental issue and they can live normal lives..

    I refuse to have the convo about Aliens.. At this point we can say that the likelihood of Alien life on other planets is hovering around 99.9999999999-100% given the number of galaxies and habitable worlds but acknowledging that aliens may exist and saying that they come to earth or travel inter dimensionally is a huge leap of FAITH. Faith is not something of which I scientists consider.

    • I used to be like you and constantly play the science card, no offense. But experience is just as much of proof as empirical testing. If millions of people have these kinds of experiences, it isn't something you can write off just because you don't want to have to change your world view. Especially when people use substances to alter their reality and leave their bodies and go into different dimensions. I used to minimize that as being "just a drug" thing, but MILLIONS of people from all over the world report the EXACT SAME ENTITIES. How is that possible? There is only one explanation for that!

    • I think you're not taking into account how NOT uniques human beings are biologically...

      We can create medications that will help, let's say for example 80%, of the people with a condition... How can we do this? Because even tho only a fraction of a percentage of people tested the drugs effectiveness, we know that human bodies do not differ very much and we should expect the same rate of effectiveness in the general population..

      Science isn't a card to play, science simply is.

      Science can even replicate the feeling of a presence or God feeling with a man made "God helmet"...
      In this study, most people had the feeling of something in the room with them with only slight variations in the details with most.

      Point is, as unique as human beings are in their personalities, we are not unique biologically.

      It would be silly to believe in something for which we have no evidence. That's why we had no technology for thousands of years.. God conveniently explained everything. Not anymore

    • This is a smart man.

  • It isn't absolute proof, because it isn't empirically testable.

    Various people have various experiences with meditation and becoming one with themselves, and I think it speaks more to the complexity of the brain than to anything spiritual. Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims have different spiritual experiences than Christians. Those "false" enlightened gurus turn into demons only in Christians' brains, because they've been told that that's what will happen if they say those words.

    • The brain doesn't produce consciousness

    • Whatever one believes about the brain, spiritual experiences aren't hard evidence. Hindus, Muslims, and various other religions have had experiences.

  • I am a Christian, and I personally believe that Christianity is true, but TECHNICALLY, this only proves the existence of a spirit world, but does not prove that Christianity is entirely correct.

  • You don't know what christianity is, It means Christ Like.

  • Actually, this is only proof that atheism is wrong. Any religion that claims the existence of a realm set aside for the dead could claim this as evidence.

  • I dont know dude

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    • AHahahah, pretty much this. There is only evidence for Satan, because that is me and I am here Mwhaha

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    • Experience is the most direct evidence you can have. If experiences happen to people all over the world that transcend culture, there is no explanation someone can use to write it off. You can just ignore me and say there is no evidence, but how would you run an experiment on that? Just because we don't know how to run certain kinds of experiments doesn't mean you can say there is nothing to it. That is profoundly ignorant!

    • It's not reality. I heard a story of a Buddha meditating and experiencing life as a butterfly, it was so real that when he came out of his trance he couldn't tell if he was a human or a butterfly. He wasn't a fucking butterfly.
      Here's an experiment. Have "experience" thinking you can fly, jump off building, die. The person who had the experience thought it was real, the people burying the corpse will be dealing with the evidence to the contrary. lol.