Gta 5 Easter egg?

there is this Easter egg where, when you drive through the chiliad mountain area, you come across a bunch of cars and a bunch of dead guys. three men are still alive, near one of them is a briefcase with cash in it. when you approach the third guy, he says something like "No, stay away from that briefcase!" once you pick it up he say "now you are a deadman" and dies. the other two survivors suddenly die aswell.

i know this is a reference to some kind of movie, i want to know what movie. do you know?


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  • No country for old men. Great movie, you should watch it.


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  • It's a reference to the film 'No Country for Old Men' where one of the main characters finds a briefcase with 2 million dollars in drug money. He takes the briefcase, and it turns out there are dangerous people after it.