How do they do coloured hair streaks in a salon?

Okay i have brown curly hAir. It's about shoulder length. I've really wanted to get one streak of blue or pink in my hair like a peek a boo one so once the roots start growing out you won't see it. But I'm wondering about the process. I've had high lights in my hair once when I was 10 but I don't remember them bleaching it or "lightining it" what would be the process? I'm going to a profession hair salon if that makes a difference. I'm just worried about ruining my hair even though it is just one piece? After the blue started fading would the bleach fade as well? And would I get my brown hair back or how does that workv


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  • they would bleach your strip of hair till it reaches a blonde shade then tone it with a purple shampoo or a toner and slap a semi permanent blue over it (if theyre a good salon) or a permanent blue over it (maximum damage to do so many permanent processes in one go especially as semi permanent blues/reds/pinks last as long as permanent).

    the blue would eventually fade but the bleach won't ever fade, bleaching removes the colour pigments in your hair permanently so you would need to grow out the strip, colour over it in another semi permanent (costs like $5 a tub and they last for months) or use a brown dye over the top of it

    • I went and talked to my hair dresser and he's going to put a real hair extension in my hair with glue so I can still have a blue streak without ruining my hair :)

    • glue is quite damaging, ask him fro microloops :) theyre the most hair friendly and they last the longest! plus once you watch a few youtube clips you'll learn how to put them in yourself when they need adjusting from root regrowth and it won't cost you anything


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  • guess u should ask those guys there... don't they know?


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  • They would have to bleach it first. The colour would fade but the bleach would stay the same colour (white, probably). You get your natural hair colour by allowing it to grow back or dyeing it your natural colour.