Madden season with money on the line opinions please? sports fans?

ok so this isn't a big deal but money is on line so i thought id ask. im in a conected season with a friend. i finished 12-4 and he finished 12-4. were in same div. we both won head to head so its 1-1. he went 6-0 in div i went 5-1/ so he has better standings but i won div somehow. now he's mad think its just a game glitch or am i missing somthing.


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  • Huh? Maybe it was a glitch? He was supposed to win the division from what I know. Maybe points difference? Nahh.. I don't know Damn and there's money on the line? Maybe y'all got custom rules on or something.

  • hahhaha he doesn't wanna pay bro ;)