Have you ever had a crush move away?

I have started to have a crush on a girl for a few weeks and her brother has also been my friend. They moved in a year ago and now they are moving back this summer. I have known them a long time. He actually has two sisters, and I kinda had a crush on both of them, but on another I have liked a longer time and we have had good history between us. But I'm kinda drawing towards his other sister, which is the one I just mentioned, but they are still all moving. I will still miss all of them when they leave, especially my crush. This new one, she's stared at me when I stared at her, and she is so nice and gorgeous. But they are not coming back. They left a couple months ago and they said it is temporary, and they're gonna be back for sure and not move, but now they are. So they are gonna leave in several weeks and I will never see them again. So has it ever happened to you when your crush had to move? I would like to hear them.

And they are moving to Utah


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  • that happened to me many years ago.


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  • Yeah he moved all the way to England

  • Yes, my first crush (when I was 11) moved to Israel


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