I have a really bad anger problem, but more of the "silent" kind. What should I do?

No, I'm not agressive. And no, I'm not mean to others.

However, I noticed I get mad at the smallest things. My usual reaction is that I become automatically silent. I don't talk to anyone, and it probably goes on for a couple days. I cry a lot when I'm mad too. Usually to cool things off, I buy aold/messed up/cheap vases and plates, and just throw it against the wall and clean it afterwards. I'm usually fine afterwards. No matter who I am angry at, I don't use profanity, I don't become insulting, I don't yell at them, and I don't physically make a pass at them. But I do usually just storm out and stop talking. I don't know, I'm actually a really nice person, and I'm usually liked by people, yet I get mad all the time. Usually in a week, I probably get angry 20 times.

I've been told, that when I'm angry.. the only part of me that "gives it away" is the look on my face. So basically, when I'm angry, most people couldn't tell unless they looked at my face.

Anyways, what should I do? Is it bad? Any better ways to cool down besides throwing plates at a wall when I'm alone? lol

I forgot to make this anonymous... so please don't judge me:/


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  • I have silent anger as well usually you can tell what I am angry because I stop what I am doing immediately and leave and go on a walk, sometimes as long as two hours before I come back. This will usually happen in online conversations to lol, of course it's for every bodies safety while I rarely ever get angry when I do I am pretty violent when really angry to the point where I lose control of my own body sometimes, my dad and his dad my grandfather are both like that to, we just simply have to leave.

    • Well, does leaving always work? Is it usually enough?

    • Yeah for me and usually If I get angry it's at night so the combination of a sky full of stars, moon lit everything and a nice breeze usually calm me down.


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  • guess u shouldn't allow little things piss u off.. right?

    • Well, yeah. But sometimes, I can't just "make myself" not get mad. A lot of things irritate me...

  • find a way to get out your anger punching bad or take kickboxing or something where you can beat the crap out of something or workout good stress reliever

  • I think you should be honest and let people know you feel. My grandmother is exactly like you and my parents dislike her.


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  • go to anger management classes.

    • I went to a couple, and they mostly focused on communication or about calming myself down.

      For one, communication usually just leads to me crying, or making me more mad.
      Two, I'm usually calm when I'm angry anyway. I was told to just use other things (such as the plate stuff, or sports and exercise) as an outlet so I won't take aggression on others. But I would never hurt anybody in my life.