How to fall asleep when really stressed out?

I have been awake for ~20 hours now, I know it's not a lot but I'm so wide awake I feel like I won't be sleepy for like 20 more. >< It's almost 8am and I've been awake the whole night even though I tried to fall asleep. I'm just so fucking stressed out about school n shit I almost feel physically ill, I can't handle all the stress and worries. How do I fall asleep when I'm so stressed out? Any suggestions? I just wanna sleep and escape real life at least for a few hours. Help pls. 😭


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  • Try to do something relaxing one hour before going to bed, that way your mind will be chilled and more open to go to sleep.
    Eat something, that way less blood will flow to your brain, making you feel sleepy.
    Do some exercise, that way at the end of the day you'll be tired and fall asleep easier.
    Masturbate, it'll leave you relaxed and you'll fall asleep feeling great.


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  • Sweet heart listen, you say everything is already "fucked up".
    There is a saying:
    If you can change something, don't worry about it because it will be. If you can't change fate of something then don't worry about it either because there is no reason of you getting all worried.

    If I were you I'd have a warm shower, while doing that breathe deeply, stay under shower for till you feel your nerves are loosening.
    Step out, wear your most comfortable clothes, lay down, watch your most favorite movie, when you are about to drift into sleep close the computer and sleep peacefully :)

    I hope it helps :)

  • Oh no. I'm sorry to hear that. What have you tried lately?

    • Have you tried drinking warm milk to help you fall asleep?

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    • I'm lactose intolerant, so I don't really drink milk as well. You seem to have overtired yourself that you can't fall asleep; happens to me from time to time and I have insomnia like once a month. Eat something, watch a funny show and listen to music; hopefully those are enough to help induce you to sleep

    • Thank you!!

  • It happens. I was away for like 2 days once, only got 30 minutes of sleep in that time. Sometimes you can't fall asleep when you are thinking to much about doing it and quite frankly, going on the internet makes it worse.

    • I've actually turned on a fan and the calm noise put me to sleep.

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    • Well I'm defo not going to school today

  • I'd rather help you deal with the stress than the sleep. Would you like that?


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