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So, one day i was walking home listening to music and suddenly this boy at the pool with his friends is hollering at me trying to talk to me. Suddenly, I stopped for a second to see what would happen, but he kept teasing me like in a playful way saying ( keep walking) cuz i stopped and turned out confuzzled saying what? and he was giggling saying something i didn't hear so i kept walking, Now today, i was walking home and i looked at the basketball court and saw people playing i thought, Oh the sound is coming from there (them over there) then, i stopped by the tree and the curb turning my backpack on my lap (corner of my eyes i see the same two people that were at the basketball court) so i can get the house keys out and my head phones back in my bag and suddenly, The boy, that teases me (once again we see each other for the second time randomly near the parking lot ) and starts up a conversation and smiles at me and ( i can't help smile and talk so i smile back and talk) i answer with confidence, and he kinda walks in the same direction as I do while talking to me till i had to go and said bye and he turned to his place and i kept walking striaght. Any ideas?


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  • he lkes u then... really :)


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  • following you?

    • not literally following me home or anything but like walking with me (side by side talking)