How many GAG users here are Jewish (both by religion and ethnicity, Orthodox or Non-Orthodox)?

If you are, what's your life experience as a Jewish person (Orthodox or Non-Orthodox) both in the real world and here on GAG? Have you ever dealt with Anti-Semitism in real life and even here on GAG?

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  • Jewish by religion and ethnicity. Non-Orthodox (kinda hard to be when you're agnostic). I haven't run into antisemitism on GAG, but I haven't been here long. In the real world... oh GOD, yes. Worst one was when I was talking with an anti-nuclear peace protester. I always wear a star of David necklace -I was in a tank top and she was eye level with it. We were having a perfectly reasonable conversation when all of a sudden she started screaming at me about how Hitler was great, and we needed another Hitler and Hitler should come back and Jews were responsible for everything wrong with the world. I was... 14? My mom's had worse run-ins. Outside of that, I've run into a few people who've tried to convert me -I can usually make them go away by quoting the bible at them in Hebrew until they give up, and they tend to be polite, if... overenthusiastic.


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  • By ethnicity, yes. I am not super religious though.

    • Could people really ever distinguish your Jewish ethnicity by how you dress and look or no?

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    • I feel you and my black friend's pain. People assumed that I was Italian-American because of how light complected and attractive I am to many women in my computer science class in University when I'm really a 1st generation Mexican-American. Some boys and girls were shocked to here that, expecting me to be shorter in height, very dark-skinned and fat and even had the audacity to ask if my parents either have green cards or are illegals. lol

    • thats so rude! omg :(

  • I am not...


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