How Do I Know If I Should A Doctor For My Problems?

So, I Have some emotional problems, I can be extremely happy then be in a bad mood the next. I have major angry problems, and I sometimes go overboard when I go shopping, when I have the money I just think I will have some more soon.
I have been in my room for awhile, I touched myself, then got guilty & now I'm just absolutely pissed!! No one does anything for me when I need help and I hate it!
Could I be bipolar? Do I need help? Should u talk to someone about this before its too late?


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  • That's not what a bipolar person is like. It sounds like some big inner problem and you don't know how to deal with it.

    • Then what are bipolar people like?

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    • why give up before trying? Just read, it might take you a couple days but at least you'll be learning something important.

    • I hope so, 😟


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  • u mean councelor and stuff?

    tsk... a waste of money... trust me ;)

    • Yes, I mean that and how is it a waste of money if I'm getting evaluated to see if something is wrong with me

    • trust me... i've been 2 a councelor as a teen...

    • I need help, okay. I want to know if I new help or not, I honestly believe something is wrong with me

  • You should see a doctor

    • I know, but I don't have that kind of help or money for one

  • R u having mood swings? Get a doc

    • Uhm yes I am

    • Definitely get a doc to fight whatevers troubling u and maybe ur bedt friends can help.. ..

    • Thanks an a best friend would be great

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  • I wouldn't try to analyze someones mental health over the internet but I think you should talk to your doctor or even better get some counseling/therapy if you can. Hell we can all use a little therapy, it's not like it could hurt anything lol

  • i think you should go.

  • You are not bipolar. You are just using shopping as a way to overcome your negative feelings. It is completely normal. However, you need to learn how to control it, otherwise you will end up spending a lot of money on unnecessary things.

    • As for the other things you mentioned, they are common problems of being a teenager.

    • I really have some problems, I always have.
      I had people call me crazy and that I was just insane