Is it possible that I've "over qualified"?

I've been to at least 20 different grocery, gaming and electronic stores to find a part time job to make some money on the side of my education at Uni.

I hand out my CV to all of them expecting to get at least one or two responses. I didn't get a single one.

It feels like I'm over qualified, and that they're looking for people who don't have 10 GCSEs ranging from Bs to A*s... that have 4 A levels ranging from C to A... I'm a very humble person when it comes to what I have achieved in life... but on this occasion, it's safe to say I'm definitely far more than average.

Do you think I don't have chance to get a job yet?


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  • just keep looking, im sure you;; find something.


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  • Im in the same boat man. It's annoying and frustrating, I think it might be because of it

    • It's fucking annoying man... because my parents keep nagging me to get a job, but I just can't!

    • Tell me about... Keep your head up though something will come up. Some people have told me I even "look" like the type that goes to uni (I do look smart and handsome). Parents are always there to nag, no matter what.

  • No offense but Europe sucks and your post is case in point. You fuck with your economy you get crazy like that.