Dying for someone you love who loves somebody else? Is it stupid?

Hello, I love to write short stories and I'm plotting out my next one. Basically it's a action-adventure-love story and my heroine warrior met a civillian guy who she has fallen in love with as the guy also has developed romantic feelings to her. The thing is this guy is engaged to another woman. They had an affair while his fiancee is away. Soon, the heroine learns that he's engaged, realizes that it's wrong and decides to leave the guy for good. At the same time, she receives a mission in which she can save hundreds of lives (including the guy and his fiancee), but only in exchange of her life. She courageously accepts the mission. She didn't want the guy to know about it but for some reason he does and gets worried about her. My problem is that should I really let her die towards the end of the story? Is my story plot cliche? Anyone give me some suggestions?


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  • Why does she HAVE to die--what about the scenario makes it impossible for her not to survive? Is it unlikely that she'll survive? Are her superiors such poor military planners that they are sending people to their deaths?

    Does it matter that he would be saved, or hundreds, or thousands? How many people would need to be saved for her sacrifice to be "meaningful?"

    Just a few questions to get your thoughts brewing :)

    • I don't want to reveal much but my general idea is that she and the main antagonist would both die in their battle. About the second question I still don't have the final decision if I should make the antagonist target the people or the guy alone. Lol! The reasons for that - I'm still working on haha.

    • Haha, well you'll find a reason for A or B to happen, one way or another.

      I read your question to another comment about originality. My advice? Don't worry about being original or unique. Your natural and unique voice will emerge over time from simply completing work and experimenting. It isn't something to force. There are only a handful of basic plots, yet even so, we enjoy countless stories that have the same basic structure. Don't worry about it ;)

    • Right. Thanks a lot! :D

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  • not stupid

    i'd call it sad mostly :(

  • Oh nice a role reversal! It has been done many times before and imho, its hard to find or make something original nowadays.


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  • it's not stupid, but you will get over it in time.