What song really explains you/your life and the what's the meaning of the lyrics to you?

This song is from a horrible game in their series, but it did had good music and this is my favorite. It describes me and my life itself.

If you were able, would you go change the past- I always think of the countless of mistakes and trouble I caused and wish I could find a way to change it. To mend a faux pas with one last chance?- In my life, it describes how I tend to say something embarrassing that it goes out of hand and I try to find a way to change it, but I be careful in doing it. Because if I mess up, then it won't get better. Happiness lies trapped in misery- This is how I see things when I'm actually happy, but it's won't help me to forget about how miserable I am. Or how my friend always says I never have a good day, but when I do, someone comes around and ruins it.


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  • wow. that's deep man...


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