What is your opinion on the cover of 'Far Cry 4'?

What is your opinion on the cover of 'Far Cry 4'?
Yeah I know It's not a hot topic anymore but I want some opinions regarding this.
An ostensibly blonde hair white man sitting on desecrated statue of Buddha, casually resting his foot on Buddha's head dominating over a guy with darker skin.
Personally, I am neutral, it's just a game, but don't you it's too explicit depiction of colonialism, racism and against religious people?

Do producers, developers & animators really don't care about it and just want money?


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  • I'm fine with it because of what is happening in the game. Its not too explicit.

    • Lol bioshock infinite was worse xD but it was still great.

      Even though those things are horrible they had to the storyline really well.

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  • what i think it symbolises is that the rich have power over the gunmen. the rest is just random scenery


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