Am I good looking?

i never thought of myself as attractive since during my highschool i was fat , but things change i got taller (6'2) and los weight then hit the gym and put on some muscles , igot a new neat facial hair style and nice hair cut and a couple years later here i am , the thing is i am not sure if iam good looking or not , my friends tell me i am good looking, my parents do , my relatives , when i am driving my car or walking i get looks usually from girls , they would look at me and hold eye contact for few seconds i get quite a lot of looks from looks to be honest to the point I don't know if they find me attractive or find that i look weird or something , the thing is when i look in the mirror i have nothing abnormal about me everything is normal sized and looks normal i dont look like someone or something so no reason to stare at me juist a nromal dude yet i still get looks , heck even at the gym i get looks from guys sometimes they would be staring at me and iam like " dafuq is wrong? i am just sitting here why are they looking? " ... my coworkers ( females ) call me good looking and names like that they seem to really like me and dont mind me touching them in fact they encourage it sometimes , girls in general ( most of the time ) are nice to me unless i piss them off and some looks really shy and nervous around me , so what does it mean?

can't upload pic pc is shitty


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  • guess a pic could help bro! :)


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  • i can't tell via description sorry


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  • from what I gather you must be good looking.

  • Yes that question mark on your head is very good looking