Would my little sister get taller than me?

thank God she hardly wears heels atm she just 13 and is 5'5 and i'm 5'7 bearly 5'7 and i'm going to be 19

hopefully she stops growing and i get a 2 inches more
ok even if she get's to my height or is taller would it be by an inch or would she tower over me?


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  • Yes if she has a growth spurt

    • can she stop growing at hi current height?

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    • so ur saying there is hope she can maybe stop before 18 an only grow one inch or for the most 2, to be my height or am i asking to much i don't wanna be shorter than her I don't know if i'll hear the last of it besides the social stuff about being shorter an older an i'm a suppose to be the big brother

    • Don't worry so much about it. And it depends. I don't know


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  • She has still got a long way to go yet, so anything is possible.. There is a fair bet that she will overtake you though if she goes through a growth spurt.

    Even so right now, she only has to put on 3" heels to be taller than you!

  • Probably..

  • she's still got some growing to do so she probably will grow taller than you

    • but she's going to be 14 in October

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  • so wot if she does?

    • it would be embarrassing

    • deal wid it bro... would u hate her if she grows taller than u?

    • no but i would feel ashamed an won't stand up a lot next to her