What do type of oil do I need for my snow blower? and mixed gas or just straight up gas?

i have a deutz allis snowblower 8-28 it was givin to me by a friend and i just wanted to make sure everything was ok. oil was complete Black !! and it had old gas in it.. and the spark plug was wron out. i replaced that. but I don't know what oil i should put in there. and i dont know weather to use mixed gas or reguler.


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  • Motor cycle oil

    • how about gas?

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    • its a 4 stroke thanks !

    • Plain gas and snow mobile or motor cycle oil in the carter.
      (use oil for low temps in a snow blower, of course. Something like this: www.mystiklubes.com/.../663081002 )

      But, huh, a snow blower in June-July? Where do you live? North coast of Canada?

      Thnx for MHO

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