Would you rather be hot, smart, awkward w/ lots of dates & little bit of friends or be ugly, smart, & sociable, lots of friends, little bit of dates?

If you're hot&smart with bad social skills, you are lonely because you have problems connecting with people. You appear cool because of how you look, so acquaintances and strangers treat you with respect until they hang out with you, or are around you long enough that your social skills ruin the relationship. This happens 80% of the time so your paranoid about taking offers to hangout. Your friends barely hit you up, they hang out with you because they got used to your shit for being around you a lot and only saw that gentle vibe you give off. And you feel like you dont fit in anywhere. Even with this the opposite sex loves you and is nice to you, you can date anyone you wanted that wasn't a celebrity. But majority of them only look at you as a potential dating partner and if it was known to those ones that you only wanted to be friends, they wouldn't wanna hang out or text much anymore. But they are usually still nice to you in person.

If you are ugly & smart with a cool/fun/sociable personality, its the exact opposite, the struggles you have are just as bad but with getting dates. You have all the friends in the world and theyre always trying to hangout with you (guys and girls). You make friends easily. But you get denied by at least 80% of the girls you wanna date because your looks. It frustrates you that almost every girl you find attractive or feel a connection with denies you because your looks. And after they deny you they stop talking to you and start avoiding you. You feel lonely because of this. So you have a lot of trouble finding dates.

there's no grey areas and loopholes dont count, your life has to be lived this way.

Which life would you choose?

  • Hot, smart, bad socially, (lots of dates, little friends)
    Vote A
  • Ugly, smart, cool, (lots of friends, little dates)
    Vote B
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That sentance about the people avoiding and stop talking to the ugly person after they deny them was meant to happen to the hot person 80% of the time when the opposite sex finds out their not interested in dating.

What happens to the ugly person is they get denied and still hang/text with them but not as much, and they can only date ugly people they have connections with, but no attractive people. Thats what fustrates them. Messed up the info.


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  • The first one.

    • Would the update change anything?

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  • I'm living the A

    • Would the update change anything?

  • A, but... I have quite a few friends already. So best of both worlds. Still working on the hot-factor. ;)

    • Would the update change anything?

  • The first one of course. I don't like people easily either