Why is this really happening?

Obvious observation but just saying. Do we really need this website? I mean, people used to get along for thousands years with the exception of wars but there are still wars. That's not the point. People didn't have GAG and didn't ask Date Masters. They were just communicating. They weren't crying over texts. Text is not the same with real face to face communication. Want a proof? Well. If you text someone he/she could have 100000 reasons why he couldn't answer you. If you go and talk him/her face to face he/she has only one reason. "I didn't hear you". 1000000 vs 1 reason and you still keep on crying. Like thousands of questions everyday are about the same thing. TEXTS. Just go talk to him/her.
This is not just about texts. Not all people here have texted with their crush, but here's my opinion and of course I could be wrong. Did anyone got what he/she wanted through this website? I doubt and if you did good for you. I only trust myself for my decisions and it've worked fine for me. You can just trust yourself and follow your heart. What's the worse it could happen?


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  • this site isn't just for dating advice.. as you can see, there are many other topics as well. And of course I won't let anyone here make a decision for me.. I ask questions to learn something new or to see a different point of view than my own, or to see if other people agree with me on things or not.

    • I understand but opinions are objectively received by you and subjectively formed by them. What I mean is that their opinion is based on their personal experience with their specific scenario. You, on the other hand, will take their opinion as a statement. You will like the opinion that is closer to what YOU want to happen. And I'm not talking for you. I'm talking for a huge number of people consisting of underraged girls and for God's shake 35yrs old grown up people.

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    • Καθε ατομο ειναι ξεχωριστο, με ξεχωριστη προσωπικοτητα και διαφορετικο τροπο σκεψης. Επισης το σωστο και το λαθος ειναι κατι εντελως υποκειμενικο, δεν νομιζεις;

    • Ο καθένας είναι ξεχωριστός, συμφωνώ. Υπάρχουν αντικειμενικοί νόμοι και κανόνες για το τι είναι σωστό και τι λάθος, αλλά όταν μιλάς για ένα συγκεκριμένο άτομο, είναι πιο υποκειμενικό. πχ. είναι παράνομο και μη ηθικό να κάνεις έκτρωση, αλλά διαφορετικά κρίνεις ένα κορίτσι που έχει μείνει έγκυος μετά από βιασμό καΙ κάνει έκτρωση και διαφορετικά μια 30χρονη που κάνει την έκτρωση γιατί το μωρό μπαίνει εμπόδιο στην καριέρα της


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  • Some people just need to hear it.

  • I write books, and sometimes I need to know how a guy would behave in certain situation.

    If I didn't have online, I would ask my relatives or sister's boyfriend.

    This just makes of easier for me.

    I see your point and I understand.

    I don't do online conversations.

    If I have to talk , I usually meet up but sometimes its just not convinient.


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  • we need it bro... we need it

    life would b shitty without it... trust me 8)

  • Technological enhancement!