How to let him know I DON'T like him?

I have a coworker who's under the impression I have a big crush on me and that's why I'm nice to him and help him with his job. That's not the case as he is not my type, I'm nice to him because I'm nice to everyone , and I only help him because his boss is a good friend of mine and I'm looking out for HER.
he keeps telling everyone that he's super flattered that I obviously like him but that he's really in love with his fiancé. It's driving me nuts.


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  • maybe by constantly ignoring him he'll get da hint?

    • I do :( I even make a point of being semi rude when he goes out of his way to make small talk with me
      I text while he's talking and stuff like that

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  • Maybe try sitting him down and letting him know that you don't like him.

  • You have to TELL him.