Has anyone gone to a nudist beach? What would you do if you saw a transexual person who was nude as well?

Also please describe what it is like to be at a nudist beach. Girls, what is it like to swim naked. I know this sounds stupid but does water get in you p***y? I wouldn't know.


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  • I have been to topless beaches; but I kept my top on (it wasn't like everyone else was topless; it was optional). If I saw a transexual person at a nudist beach then like with everyone else I didn't know at a nudist beach I would just leave them alone? Like what even do you want people to say to that? And well no not really, water doesn't really get in the vagina unless you like suck it in on purpose lol; naked in terms of getting water up there is no different from wearing a swimming costume, or having a bath. Swimming naked feels good :)

    • You can suck up water with your vagina?

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    • It wasn't voyeurism or exhibitionism; I was on my own, or I think at one point with my friend who just didn't have her swimming costume with her so we skinny dipped instead but there wasn't anything sexual about it

    • I wouldn't think so at that age. I wouldn't even know where there would be a beach where I live


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  • I did go to a nudist beach, but I was not nude. If I saw a transsexual person nude, I would not think much of it.

  • I have and I dont care about who is nude there.

    • How about the description?

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  • No.

    Grimace and look away.