Should I Leave my job?

I recently went to an interview and got offered a call-in position doing something im passionate about. They said it's because of my availability But, I have open availability. I will have to go to full- time training with pay. Training last between 4 to 8 weeks. but, I'm currently already working and it would become a conflict. I would have to quite. Now I can't wait to leave my job. But I don't want to leave to only end up doing a call-in position. But I can't stand my job now. Any suggestions on what to do?


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  • If you can't stand your job now, then leave it. Life is too short to waste it doing something you don't even like.


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  • Leave your job because doing something you should always be goal. Look it at the long run, would rather go to a job you hate every day or something you like for next couple year

    • how am I gonna pay bills only working 2 days a week? THats my biggest ConcerN.

    • address that to the new job and see how can they help you

    • or barrow money to work out something. i pretty sure you can figure out something to get on with your life.

  • Hoe about keeping your current job, say you're taking a a recess training for another job for 8 weeks.
    Then working a limited schedule at your current job thereafter (as in work Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

    This leaves Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday to take call ins at the new job.

    • Great suggestion but there's the possibility they won't allow me.

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    • Make sure u talk to people there first who are in management... #AssumeNothing


    • Well I know this already. They have problems with changes to schedules for school. They make people feEl bad and make it hard for people to change schedule s if they have another job already.

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  • Will they be paying you during your training period?

    • Yess

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    • She could go an entire week not working, while she would be if she stays at her current job.

    • Yassssss lol thanks pro_don