Gold digger pranks?

don't you find this "pranks"annoying a little?
I see that it takes out the worst out of both sexes: greedy girls vs desperate, insecure guys, who take his friend's car (or even rent it lol) just to cheer up his ego with "girls are gold diggers haha not worthy"
but dude, that is not even your car and you know it.
i find it really sad, for both sides and less funny every time i see it.

wait, it was actually funny once: when they got angry at me when said that i prefer my bugatti to his porsche lmao


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  • I don't find pranks funny, when they aren't to amuse all involved.

    I like everyone to find the humour in it, at the end. Otherwise it's just at the expense of someone and mean spirited. That's not entertaining.


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  • I find it funny because it's calling out gold diggers for what they are and embarrassing them at the same time. Some even go as far as to ditch their friends just to jump in the car. They should do a male-player version of it, so as not to seem sexist

  • Do I find them annoying? Not really. But, then again, I do like prank videos. But, I do find the gold-digger pranks repetitive. There's not much that one can vary on that theme.

    I don't think gold-diggers do any harm to others, provided that they're not very deceptive. They mostly harm themselves. It must be miserable to be unproductive and dependent on others. Luckily for most people, most people aren't attractive enough to end up in that position!

    I don't think those pranksters are insecure or desperate, though. Insecure guys don't approach girls, and they certainly wouldn't do something that offensive. And desperate guys wouldn't dare to do anything that could offend a woman.

  • So a natural female greed is getting exposed and made fun of.
    What's so bad about it? I find those pranks to be hilarious.

    As for "desperate, insecure guys":
    If they would actually use those cars to get some bitches, then they would classify as "desperate and insecure". Otherwise it's not applicable to them, as they're using them for fun and giggles.

    • greed is not natural to females it is natural to Some people, doesn't matter their sex.
      the fact you called girls bitches says a lot about about you, i don't see why i need to explain anything to someone with your mentality.
      not desperate? very desperate to prove something to someone. male ego is ridiculous.
      it's not fun by the way, maybe only to people like you and guys who make those pranks.

  • I don't find them either funny or worth watching.

  • Why? Because it makes girls look terrible? I guess I can see your point.

    • no because it's stupid prank, can't you read?
      when only one part laughs it's not funny, it's called something else.
      didn't you know it from kindergarden?

  • It amuses me. Pranks that make fun of bad people doesn't bother.


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  • I find it funny.
    It also exposes people.