Are there any Russians who support LGBT rights in GaG?

I've met 4-5 Russians online and all of them seem either ignorant or hateful about this. Are there any Russians who are not like this on GaG?

Please don't abuse anonymity.


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  • I'm sure there are Russians who support the LGBT. Because they exist there, the laws and opposition. The way governance is tight in certain countries prevents them from coming out in the open that's all :)

    As of the hateful ones, just report them using the gray flag that turns maroon on right top corner of each opinion and comment :) Rest we will take care of too :)

    • You mean we can report homophobes? I didn't before because I didn't think you would do something

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    • Not ''a reason'', ''a good reason''. That you approve.

    • meaning was 'reason for the larger good' - homosexuality, feminism etc is a movement now, those days it wasn't that way.

      I'm not debating you young lady, but evolution has had many stages. Those days the world wasn't that small. People across continents hadn't even met each other. We didn't know there were different races. Homosexuality is common even in animals so it's natural.

      Homophobia came up with rise of religion that spread across as humans started traveling. The religions that forbade homosexuality were more concerned with procreation being restricted which is why and where it all started. But like anything else we humans play god with, this one too in certain parts turned out phobic :)


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  • I highly doubt it, all of that is considered really bad in Russia, I've heard stories of the Russian government actually even fining citizens and tourists that are suspected of being gay. I don't know how much truth there is to that, I just remember reading that somewhere

  • I'm not sure about Russians, but all I can say is that people can be whatever sexuality they want and I don't have any problem with that whatsoever.

  • I personally don't associate with gay people, Russians are very masculine and traditional which is why we don't care for them.

  • Nope I haven't.. I hate all people who doesn't support LGBT. They are ignorant and should be punched in the balls. LGBT all the way !!!


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  • I don't know about any russians here but I once met a lesbian from Russia who was vacationing here (South America, doesn't matter where). We met in a gay club and she said she loved it and wanted to stay because she couldn't party in that way in her country.

    • I would seek asylum if I was a gay Russian. I mean, it's not great in Turkey either, but the government doesn't oppose us, it's just the people's ignorance. Many just don't care unless it's someone close to them.

  • Have you seen any of the documentaries from there? It's crazy, of course I don't know because I don't live there, but the documentary were showing them pretending to be gay online then meeting up with real gay people and getting them inside a house to beat them up and attack them. They sometimes film these attacks and upload them where others will comment congratulating them.
    same with the racism. Just attacking random ethnic minorities on the street.

    Such a shame.

    • That's horrible. I hope it became known so no one falls for this. Fuck political correctness. Russians are pigs.

  • Doubtful :)