Could you ever forgive the person or persons who molested you as a child?

  • Yes, forgiveness is the right thing to do no matter what.
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  • Fuck no.
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  • So if person abused me while I was weak and unaware? humm
    Well you are in a different place now, and so I doubt you will be in a place to REALLY evaluate that he/she have changed to the good and they REALLY regret what they have done. Not just because you are who you are now. The real evaluation information will come from the child next to him/her (molestation is hard to be discovered), but again the child is not aware.
    In conclusion I do not like to vote just a "Yes", because it is a "Very Hard Yes"

    • So you're saying you likely wouldn't forgive them but its not out of the question?

    • I am talking about what you do know and what you don't.
      You know they molested you they molested you in the past, but however you got through it and now you are not in a psych-ward or a criminal.
      However you do not know if they really regret what they did and really changed (which is what I really hope more than revenge), because in front of you they might look normal as you are an adult now, but who knows what if that is really the truth.
      The question if I my self to forgive them and live "MY OWN life" around them is easy (this includes spreading bad information about them). But if I will really trust them on behalf of children and risk the abuse of another child is really hard.


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What Girls Said 6

  • No, most definitely not. Forgiveness is overrated.

    • Some say forgiveness is a liberating thing to do.
      But I wouldn't know because I've never forgiven anyone. I hold grudges till the bitter end.

  • No, why would you ever forgive someone like that? They knowingly scarred you for life and abused you. They should jump off a cliff and die.

    • I don't know why.
      What if they were drugged by someone else which led them to make poor choices, so it wasn't their fault?

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    • If someone gives you that excuse, it's bullshit.

    • You would think so

  • Hell, no. Never

    • Even if they felt really bad about it and changed and now help victims to try and make up for what they did?

    • I still wouldn't forgive him.

  • I sure as hell wouldn't! The molester fucked up and if I got molested I sure wouldn't make up.

    • You're not alone in that view

  • No I can't

  • I don't think I'd be capable of doing that.


What Guys Said 2

  • No, I wouldn't.

  • No, I would most likely be wishing death upon them for life.