Have you seen the movie Interstellar? (SPOILER ALERT)?

If you haven't you should!! If you have what did you think? I thought it was amazing. The visuals were amazing and the storyline was absolutely amazing. To think that we are the source of an alien race but its really us! SHEW
Also to harness the power of a black hole. Or just the difference in the way time moves. The whole movie just blew my mind.



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  • It was pretty cool. Great soundtrack, visuals and the crying scene had me almost in tears as well. It was a pretty powerful concept that jumped the shark a bit during the last half hour of the movie. Also the scene where the main character and his daughter reunite was so rushed, sadly.

    • Also, venturing into a black hole would kill you. Yes it was a construct but it behaved like a regular black hole nonetheless. For a movie that was big on getting its science right this was rather wonky to me.

    • But the one guy did say that because of Gargantuans age that it wasn't as stable or strong as a newly formed black hole which he believed would make it a possibility to navigate into. He wasn't sure but did think it could be a possibility

    • Ah okay! Forgot about that crucial detail! Good memory ;)


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  • Plot was TWISTED. I love astronomy, solid 8.58 / 10 movie!!

    • I gave it a 9.5 The visual effects were amazing. Wish I would have gone and saw it at an IMAX

  • The story, the text, the soundtracks, all a masterpiece, I'd gladly rewatch it

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    • Me too, but I had to be quite because my SO hates when I voice to many predictions as I am usually right 80% of the time lol

    • The friend I watched it with already saw it 2 times xD
      I predicted it, he was like '... YUP!!! :D'

  • it took forever to start being interesting, and then suddenly it was BANG NONSENSE EVERYWHERE. very disappointing film :(

    • Really? I agree the beginning took a bit to long but to think that someone interpreted what it would be like to travel through a worm hole and encounter a black hole and then be able to visually display what they thought would happen I thought was amazing. What parts did you think were nonsense. My SO didn't find it believable so it lost points from him

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    • Thanks @Marstalk I will check him out. :-)

    • If you look at the wiki page on the movie it has a section that talks about how he contributed to the movie.

  • I really liked the movie in general.
    However, their logic was messed up.
    If we need future us to make sure there IS a future us, then how was there a future us in the first place?

    • Time paradox. The harder you think about it the more it makes no sense lol

  • Yeah it's s total mind boggle.
    The time dilation is what got to me and when he travelled into the black hole to the 5th dimension

    • Right, to come back and see your daughter an old lady dying and when you left she was a 7 year old kid. And only a handful of years have gone by for you!!

    • If that was real and I came back like 100 years later, I honestly don't know what I'd do because there is no one to live for but yourself.
      Must be quite a trip to hear someone say "I did my history essay on you, sir" tho haha

  • I liked the scene when that big ass wave was thought to be distant mountains, first thing that came to mind "Surfboarders would kill to live on that planet =/".

    • Yeah but they would have to be part aquatic. There isn't land to go to when they are done surfing

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