What is the best way to prepare for a job interview?

Tips please? How do you not look nervous as well?


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  • I like to really clean up! For me, it's mostly a psychological thing, so if I can make myself pristine, I'll feel a lot more confident and therefore be much calmer. I take a nice long shower, shave whatever needs to be shaved, use my best soap, I shampoo and condition so my hair is all lustrous, then I put on deo, spritz some perfume, then put on my favorite undies!

    Once I FEEL like I'm ready to take on the world, then I go do my best to follow through on that! It really helps my nerves to feel like I'm Aphrodite walking into a room.

    Also, remember that they need qualified candidates. They need YOU, not the other way around. You're taking time out of YOUR day to come see them. The company needs to be a fit for you just as much as you need to fit their requirements, so always remember that. You're the star!


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  • Have someone do a mock interview with you. Write down questions that employers typically ask on flash cards. Then practice answering those questions. You will be a little nervous but you will be less affected by your nerves if you prepare for the interview.

  • being nervous is good, it keeps you sharp

    just be yourself and make sure you are genuinely interested in getting the job

  • Learn what questions their employment questionnaire tends to ask for that field and prepare your answers.

    The internet is a glorious place filled with information.


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  • try to relax as much as you can.