I need some life counseling please?

Right now i feel like such a dumbass. I make $1200 a month. i can't afford anything. I steal food from grocery stores. I left my moms and started living at my bfs. I dont pay rentbut am responsible for buying groceries for 3 of us including the other roomate.. all my money goes to gas and food. I steal everything possible Cuz i cantbuy it, i feel so embarrased i can't take care of myself without taking. .

I feel like i dont know what to do, i can't afford college, i tried thaf ladt year for a year, did great on my classes but the amount of student debt in 1 year scared me, so i can't do thaT..

How am i supposed to amount to anything, save up for anything, how do other people do it,, im so curious. Am i just really stupid or what?


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  • If that's 1200 take home per month, and you are not paying rent, then you really, really need to get some better control over your budgeting, because that can cover food and gas for 3 people easily. There is no way you should be stealing, and you'll be royally fucked if you get caught doing that. You can feed three people on half that, which would be letting you bank the other half to start building up something for college or training or whatever. You need to pull that expenditure way down.

    College is the obvious choice, but if that's too expensive you need to look at other avenues to success. Jobs that have advancement opportunities that you can reach through internal training. Union work. Jobs that provide educational opportunities.

    When you hit the 'real world' you can quickly realize that high school doesn't prepare you for reality. You can dig yourself into a huge hole very quickly if you're not careful, so you'll want to get out in front of this as best you can, as fast as you can. Realizing that you may be in over your head is a good first step - a lot of people don't realize there is a problem until it is too late. It doesn't seem to be too late for you. Yet. If you keep stealing it's only a matter of time though, and then you are screwed.

    Most important - always have a job. Even a shitty job. Having a job, and having some money trickling in, gives you the wiggle room to look for a better job.

    Next - keep your spending down as much as you can. Until you start getting your life organized, excessive spending is a huge source of 'life failure'. You'll leave yourself no margin for error, and if anything ever goes wrong, even a bit wrong, you could end up in dire straights.

    Third - look for your advancement opportunities. Look for ways you can get educated for cheap, or get easy experience. Volunteer stuff, internships... things like that. Look for jobs that lead to other jobs. Look for jobs that will be teaching you experience that can transfer. That allows you to keep moving forward even if you're not a big fan of the job itself.


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  • Minimum wage is tough to live on...

    I'd suggest scrapping together whatever money you can and start learning how to write sales letters, do sales calls, learn direct response marketing, etc. You don't need a degree for those, and if you're good, you can actually break six figures per year.

    Start with these two books:

    They'll get you started, and hopefully you'll be able to live honestly in short order (no judgement from me, you do what you have to in order to survive... but if you get caught, things are only going to become more difficult for you--you should consider a second job to avoid having to steal. It will suck, but it will be worth it).

    Best of luck ;)

  • You have to grow some balls and tell your roommate to start paying for food too.
    What's your boyfriend doing? If he doesn't have a job tell him to get one.
    $1200 a month I think it's enough for food, I just spend $200 on food a month, sure, you're 3, that's why your roommate should pay too, and your boyfriend.
    You're just 18, you can still go to college later when things get better, don't worry.

    • No, he used to payfor his own groceries which was $600 or TV more a month, and now that is all on me... so much pressure to rriggin keep everyone fed, espe ially whentheyjust rather eat all the easy stuff like lunch meat and not make the actuaL sandwhich or pasta. .. he's working but he's paying his relatives back for all the money he borrowed when a ton of bad shit happened..

      I justfeel like im stuck. I want to be a lot more free-er you know? Like I don't know have my ownplace to live , not on some other person s

  • Carbs.
    Rice, Pasta, Potatoes


    Bulk Chicken/Ground Beef


    Peanuts/Oil oil

    I'm on a bodybuilding diet of high protein (the most expensive macro) and I spend roughly 200 dollars a month on food. How is it that you can't afford food on 1200 for 3 people. You must be doing something wrong.

    • I don't know,, 200 is 1 week, on top of stealing $100s worth

    • A big old 10 pounds of rice is like 10 dollars... learn to spend wisely.

    • They dont like rice. I can't shove food down their throat.

  • I have no idea what you are doing but I pay rent and buy my food lunch and dinner and I get by on about 600$ a month so eh

    You should look into budgeting

  • who wait...1200/month... and u steal food?

    weird... o_O

  • you can afford groceries with $1200 a month and if you are caught you will get a criminal record and your life will suck

  • Sounds damnably irresponsible. Go back to your moms, finish school, get a job, work hard, try and get an advanced degree,

  • Go to school, get financial aid. It is a big investment, go to a community college, then transfer to a 4 year institution after graduating.

  • you must live in the USA the land of fucktards which means you are pretty much fucked


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  • Get a second job. You're gonna work a lot and it's gonna suck, but it'll get you a little more financially comfortable which is a good starting point to improving your life.

    Also, you shouldn't have to steal food on 1200 a month. Either your roommates are eating too much, or you're not shopping efficiently.

    • I already work 45 hours a week. A second job would just make my life torture to the point where i dont need that money at all.

    • I drive 80 miles a day. I go through 20s all the time. Those add up. Roommates want good food. I dont touch there stuff i get for them like ham and steak etc. Im a very light eater, to the point i cost myself $5 a day. Im wondering whether its better to make more money or jusy goback to my moms for free. B

  • You could get a different, better paying job. You could tell your boyfriend and roommate that you want to start paying a set amount of rent/bills instead of food. You could move back in with your mom and save money. As far as college goes, you could look into cheaper colleges maybe like technical college/courses, they're sometimes way cheaper

    • you know.. that sounds like a genious idea, omg, im gonna do that, being responsible for groceries is just too hard on me right now.. imnot their mom y'know

    • Yup and boys eat a lot lol

  • you're not stupid! you'll be alright!