Do you find atheist commentary offensive?

When I was a kid, before I was taught about God, whenever I wanted a situation to go my way I always -metaphorically speaking- looked up to the sky and asked an invisible presence to let things go my way, I would say things like "please" or "just this once". I always knew there was a correlation to the faith that I had in a higher intelligence and the outcome of a situation. And I always noticed a trend, whenever I had a humble attitude towards the situation, it always ended up my way. As I got older I got into things like the law of attraction and karma, a lot of times they would call this mysterious "judge" or "conductor of events" the universe or universal consciousness, but I always knew it was more of a relationship with a higher presence. Reading a lot of new age books, I grew up, and worked on things like conquering my fears and developing more positive outlooks, and I noticed that things started to go my way more often, and my faith in God grew stronger.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? Even if you're an atheist?

And do you find it offensive when an atheist claims "there's no evidence"? Just because they can't see the evidence, doesn't mean someone else can't. And it doesn't mean they can shove it down people's throat as fact.

It just seems like they don't want to play by anyone's rules, but they want us to play by theirs. Lol


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  • There isn't really evidence in science but we take it as fact. Which is weird considering that a lot of scientist are atheist themselves. I personally believe in God. Some people put their faith or say their faith in science but there have been numerous things in science that were taken as fact only to be dis-proven years later.

    • "There isn't really evidence in science"

      You're outright funny. :D :D

    • Ooops there is a mistake in my post... There isn't really evidence in a some scientific beliefs but we take it as fact. That is what it is supposed to say. Some scientists committed suicide because the community of scientist said they were not correct. They ended up being correct years after their deaths. Science is not perfect never will be. There is a reason why a lot of the scientific disciplines have something called fudge factors built into equations. @jacquesvol that was a typo because I don't even agree with that statement I wrote lol


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  • Yes, a lot complain religious people are closed minded yet they will turn around and call people morons idiots dumb etc for having different beliefs. It works both ways, and both types of people should learn that either God or just how we're made has given us all brains and thoughts of our own to form our own opinions, so respect that and let everybody have theirs. To try and belittle others for having different beliefs to you, it means they're actually the ignorant and closed minded bigots they call everybody else out to be.

    • Here's the thing though, religious people don't really say anything about atheists... Other than that they're going to hell - something which they don't even believe. Most people might be perplexed by atheists but they still treat them like equals. There's a difference between that and straight up calling someone delusional or irrational, which is a real insult and something atheists frequently do.

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    • Well let me clear it up, I see atheists as equals even though I disagree with them and think they're opinions are offensive to me personally. Also, atheists are capable of being good, although I believe religion inspires people to be good.

    • I believe so as well. I find nothing inherently wrong with religion at all. It is a beautiful worship and practice that turns some people into the most extraordinary and caring individuals. Just so you know, those atheists that make comments like that are total @$$ holes and people like me do not agree with their opinions on theists. So whenever you hear them spew their banter at you just know, that person is probably just one jerk among the crowd and the rest of us have no problem with you what so ever =D

  • Let me correct it for you so you don't put words in the mouth of Atheists anymore:

    There isn't any 'empirical/logical' evidence
    about the 'existence'
    of an "absolute" God as an absolute presence
    who actively created the universe in order
    when universe is full of disorder
    and actively and intelligently "controls" the universe
    when 70% of everything that happens either could be considered accident or the work of a retarded person which is again accident
    who creates humans in heaven
    then banished from heaven because they ate the fruit of knowledge
    then sent prophets/his son to illuminate the people he hated for their knowledge
    that he both loves and hates them, blesses and destroys them
    that he says he loves them unconditionally
    but his religion is a collection of conditions about going to places he created without a logical reason to begin with

    that this world circles around him and is a plaything for his absolute will. Still he needs German knights to spread his religion and can't even count on his own chosen people.

    there is no evidence about the existence of Yahweh the God of Jews and any form of deity alike him. that is it.

    So know for what kind of creature or existence atheists say there is no evidence.

    Spirituality is different than religion and the concept of absolute God. an Atheist in the eyes of a Christian can know much more about Spirituality than a Christian.

    • I've talked to a lot atheists as a deist and they still give me the same claims. I don't it's fair for you to speak for all atheists either. Are you the empress of atheism?

  • Some atheists are full of rude, unnecessary commentary.
    Some religious people are the same or even worse.

    I believe what I believe, you believe what you believe. Nothing you say will change my beliefs and vice versa.

  • As an Atheist I almost never talk about faith or something. It's great that you believe in something, I'm just not buying it. I'm okay with people having a religion, but if it bothers me as in shoving it at my throat, not being able to do things because of religion or people around me don't get as much freedom because of religion (like gay marriage, modern medicine etc.) I get a bit annoyed.
    But from experience, I've noticed that religious people are more offensive than atheists, but maybe it's because I'm an atheist myself y'know. So we pick different things up as offensive.

  • Everyone is free to have his own religion, or not have a religion, as long as he/she respects other people's beliefs.. Being in a religion, you can use your logic to explain some things, but there are also some things which just don't have a logical explanation, either because science hasn't evolved enough yet, or because human mind just isn't capable of processing them. So, you use your logic and judgement, but you should also have faith.

  • I know what you mean. I work with an atheist he is always up in people's faces. He will but in on people's conversations.

  • People like to say the universe instead of god and it does not make sense. Its not universe, its GOD! The people who do not believe in god are basically saying that they are hopeless and worthless because without a god we would be hopeless, empty and worthless. Its not rocket science. wake up people!

    • aaaaaaand it's people like this which make atheists so outspoken.

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    • Nah if we continue to be outspoken and gain political power it will be the problem of the Religious Right not us lol

    • Think about it @RedThread, I understand where you're coming from but objectively, if everyone is valued equally in the eyes of God, than no one person can violate the rights of another. It's not just about your point of view, it's about an objective standpoint...

  • i dont think so.

  • As an atheist, I find religious commentary offensive.

    • Do they ever refer to you though, or are you just, you know... Being offended for no reason?

      You should read a comment I wrote above.

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  • I find organized religion offensive but I don't let it get in the way of my life.
    -I find it offensive that homosexuals can't marry the people they love mostly due to religion
    -I find it offensive that homosexuals are killed and persecuted in certain places in the world mostly due to religion
    -I find it offensive that in polls in America atheists are seen as on par with rapists as people we distrust the most mostly due to religion
    -I find it offensive that there are hardcore right wing religious groups trying to push creation myths into science courses (over my dead body)
    -I find it offensive that religious groups are trying to push mandatory prayer back into public schools
    -I find it offensive that even though people are supposed to love thy neighbor even some family and friends want nothing to do with me because I'm an atheist
    -I find it offensive that we vote in politicians based on their religious beliefs instead of economic or social policies
    -I find it offensive that in certain states in my country, Christian Right groups have tried to circumvent the 1st amendment to allow for theocratic laws within their state
    -I find it offensive that women struggle to obtain complete body autonomy
    -I find it offensive that I'm expected to not be open with who I am because most people get too emotional over the subject of religion
    -I find it offensive that religions try to hijack morals and pretend to be the end all be all to a meaningful life
    -I find it offensive that I'm expected to go along with the religious beliefs of those around me because it is 'disrespectful' not to do so
    -I find it offensive that I have to pretty much pretend to be religious and be a closet atheist and keep my mouth shut
    -I find it offensive that many religions tell me I'm going to any number of negative afterlives and their follows also tell me this. No I don't believe in it but the intention and hate in the eyes of people who say this things is obvious
    -I find it offensive that people try to convert me on the basis that I'm "lost" or "misguided" or they do it out of "love" but if I tried to deconvert someone I'd be a total asshole
    -I find it offensive that I'm seen as a spawn of Satan despite the fact that the sheer concept is mindblowing because if I don't believe in the divine artificer that created Satan how can I believe in him?
    -I find it offensive that scientific research is stifled in certain areas because it offends religious groups

    Need I go on? I can fill fucking pages lol

    • Listen, I respect your point of view, but people can be offended by a lot of things. I personally don't think any of those are direct insults towards you, they may be out of fear and ignorance but none of them are really judging you.

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    • Family treating me like a stray dog is also judging the hell out of me lol

    • This 👏👏👏👏👏

  • most atheists I know, including myself, don't really care what others believe. As long as you don't try to legislate it so that I have to live by whatever rules you imagine your god has, we're good.

    Unfortunately, all-too-often that's precisely what happens. Be it gay marriage, abortion, saying "under god" in the pledge of allegiance... whatever, religious people try to impose their religious influence on how I live my life. Try to "shove it down my throat," as you put it. In an attempt to explain why they shouldn't do that, we often ask for evidence that their imaginary religion should be taken seriously enough to interfere with real-life events. No evidence is provided, of course, and instead religious people get indignant that they aren't allowed to just control us on faith. They then complain that the fact that they can control others is religious oppression, which is weird when you consider the fact that if, say, the Muslim religion was allowed to control Christians with the same "rights" to control others that Christians want for themselves, they'd sing a very different tune about how much influence religions should have in legislation.

    • THIS x100000

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    • I never said it was subjective. The comprehension of it is, though. If you're used to getting everything you want, as religious people typically are, I can see how the threat of someone else getting it too would come across as oppression. It isn't actually oppression, though. Anyone to whom the threat of equality is perceived as oppression has an overdeveloped sense of entitlement. They're automatic claims to morality through religion has numbed them to the effort required for experiencing actual morality. No one can inherit the moral high ground. It's not real estate. Treating it as such is something only a lazy mind would do.

    • of course, that was supposed to say "Their"

      but I'm dumb.

  • Yes i have experienced what you have, its called God (as you know). I feel atheists are generally bad, i am of course generalizing. I am friends with a couple and they are fine people but i feel the majority of them on the internet just go around insulting those who don't share their beliefs.

  • Atheists are one of the most discriminated groups. You are almost looked down upon just telling people you are an atheist!

  • I find it more annoying when believers use the same explanation for every single situation: "God wanted it to be that way".
    Seriously, sometimes it feels like I'm talking to a wall, someone without the ability to solve problems, therefore doesn't do anything cause they believe God will save them. Yeah, tell that to the millions of people that have died seconds after praying.

  • From their side, they think you want to play by YOUR rules only. So it is a mutual. feeling.

    I am a believer and I also get upset by that sort of commentary but I leave it at that and I pray that they get on the right path one day, God Willing.

    • What is more important is for you to follow your belief the right way and make sure your kids do not go astray. You will not be asked about the other people around you but you WILL be asked about your kids.

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    • ... that's for the downvoter.

    • Yea, these downvoters are funny.

  • When I was in Post 16, I did Philosophy as an A-Level. My class had 15 students: 4 Muslim, 9 Christian, 2 Atheist or otherwise. Everyone in the class had a great disdain for Richard Dawkins calling him "The Dork", yet were always really hypocritical when it came to explaining why they hated him.
    It's offensive if you read into it like that. But then everything offends someone.

  • I rarely even take people's religious leanings into consideration. It's really a minor factor in sizing someone up.

  • All atheists are not "in-your-face" types, just like all religious people aren't assholes either. There are extremists in both camps. I don't even care about religion until it puts a wall between me and what I want to do.

  • Deuteronomy 17:12-13

    The man who acts presumptuously by not obeying the priest who stands to minister there before the Lord your God, or the judge, that man shall die. So you shall purge the evil from Israel. And all the people shall hear and fear and not act presumptuously again.

    Jesus added:
    Matthew 10:34 ESV
    “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.

    Nuff said.

    Nuff said.

    • Lol. Well the Old Testament was written in ancient times and was meant to govern ancient people. We now live in a civilized society which I think is largely due to Christianity installing civility in us, so there's a New Testament for that.

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    • Because of them.

    • It may not make sense, but they can marry if they want.