Do you culturally perceive Virginia as a part of the Northern United States or the Southern United States?

Geographically, Virginia is classified as a part of the Southern United States which I agree. But I have heard that many Virginia residents do not consider themselves as Southerners, espeically those in North Virginia, and many people outside Virginia also tend to do the same thing.

It makes some sense, because Virginia has many similarities with many Middle Atalantic states, such as highly developed economy (GDP $47000+, American HDI ranked at 11th), many big companies' headquarters, and many highly prestigious colleges and universities (such as the University of Virginia and Washington and Lee University), and many other factors..

So do Americans culturally perceive Virginia as a Northern or Southern state?

  • It is culturally a part of the Northern United States.
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  • It is culturally a part of the Southern United States.
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  • Different subdivisions of Virginia have different situations.
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  • I do not know very much about Virginia.
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  • It's culturally part of the South in MOST of the state. Central and Western Virginia is very southern in both speech, food, mindset, somewhat conservative, etc. There is a LOT of farming here and tons of rednecks as well as just regular country people.

    Northern Virginia might as well be a separate state. Residents up there and somewhat on the Eastern Shore are very different than people in the rest of the state. Residents where I live get very annoyed when people claim Virginia is part of the North. But of course, up above Charlottesville and near the D. C. area, the people are very different so they probably do identify with the North. Where I live though, it's about as southern as it gets.

    • Lol i don't care what people in NOVA gotta say, they still apart of the South. I mean the Mason Dixon Line does start at the Pennsylvania/Maryland state lines.

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    • Wish I can go to Virginia in my graduate years. :)

    • Oh okay, awesome. Well I'm sorry you were rejected from those Universities but yes, maybe you could still do your graduate studies here :)

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  • I'm out west but it makes sense that different parts of the state would have different cultures. I think of it as a place where people have drawls and somehow survive incredible heat and humidity but there's a lot of really cool sites out there. Plus it was pretty slit during the Civil War, right?


What Guys Said 5

  • Yes Southern United States

  • The south has some good colleges as well.

    • Not as much and dense as in the Northeast, and even California (though not in the Southern United States) has relatively less prestigious colleges and universities (Stanford, CalTech, UCB, UCLA, USC, Pomona, Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd).

  • I'm from va and consider it a part of the northern states.

    • I heard that Virginia residents, especially those in Northern Virginia, do not say "y'all"?

    • Well? I'm from Norfolk. Which is basically southern va. But in all, I'd probably call the entire state northern.

  • I thought Virginia is in the east side?

  • Va is definitely apart of the South, this is coming from someone who lives there.