Where is Misninja314?

I have been away for some time, but I've noticed some people from here have been deactivated?
Anyone know where they have gone? espcially mistninja? Is DooMGuy still around as well?

OHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOO!!! what the... is going on? oh gosh don't go... I think you two are one of oldies.. lol! you know what I mean... so are they coming back?


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  • DooMGuy was cool but I'm not sure about all this mist business. I've been told he had loads of accounts and then loads of questions come up asking about him, makes me think it's just him trying to see who misses him.

    • nah... he is up to something... he wouldn't just leave... he is probably trolling right now.. yeah, wouldn't surprise me if he had lots of accounts..

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    • We have a winner !

      Ranma Saotome is a anime character, he's the heir to the martial arts school "anything goes"


      ^ here's ranma hugging a cat, which he hates


      and here's ranma being himself. . . or herself. Ranma is a boy and a girl

    • @GirlScoutsRevenge ha ha I see you had some fun... hangman is cool!
      @DooMguy hey!! meet me at Genie23 post... :)) I have something for you!! don't you be afraid... its all good. and by the way.. that cat vid.. oh my gosh... I think that cat was dead after all that shaking and hugging! lol!! shakin' cat syndrome! :))

  • @DooMGuy is still here :D
    But Mist deactivated his account like 4/5 days ago :/

    • do you know if he is coming back?

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    • OMGosh!!! Hooray we can do the moo moo dance!!! Yes an A+ for your efforts!!

      B _ _ _ A B _ _ _

    • Oh, wow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ well, genie is back :p
      Don't apologise you all. You can post ony opinions and chat with each other, I don't mind at all. I actually enjoyed reading it. It was entertaining

  • He left a few days ago MistNinja.

    Rumor has is that he just wanted to get a gift card and leave.

    Not sure about Doomguy.

  • Mistninja314 left gag, and so did, misscoffeehead, Your_Boss960, Chick180, GalaxyHotChoc, and Harakiri.

  • He left a few days ago.

    • did he say something to you and all? its very quiet without him around...