Do you have to be a journalist to be a hotel or any other kind of reviewer?

Ok so I want to be a hotel reviewer, I'm not a journalist, but I do have good writing stills. I saw a video of amazing jobs and one of them was a hotel reviewer. It said in the video that you get top quality service and everything for free, and the only thing they ask in return is that you review their services. I decided to look into this more and found other things too that people can review. I read that first you have to write a remue that lists your writing skills, and that you also have to have a sample of your work. I was planning on staying in a hotel for the night and obserbving everything in it then at the end write a review as a sample of work I did. My question is do I have to be a journalist to get this kind of job, if not, do you think my writing skills would do just fine based off my question here? Just from reading this do you think my writing skills are good enough? Also if you have ever done this kind of job before, please share your experience :)

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  • Thanks to the internet anyone can be a critic now. You don't need any credentials or experience. The 1 thing you need is writing skills. You don't even have to tell the truth or be fair about it.


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  • you should try it!

    • I think I will :)

    • I work in the hotel industry as my full time job - which I love!! But I also do reviews, I signed up to work for a mystery shopper company separate to my job! So at weekends I get to travel around the country for free and review hotels/restaurants/bars 😊 It's a great thing to do!

    • And I forgot to mention I'm not very creative when it comes to writing or anything like that!

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