Can't post mytake?

I can't post my myTake for some reason. It's nothing wrong or sexual, but I have four pictures of before and after transsexuals in it, so just a heads up. there's nothing wrong in them, just a picture from their shoulders up and them. No chests, no breasts, no balls, no nothing. It's just telling me "You have some content in there that GaG doesn't like." What content? It's nothing sexual or anything. I didn't cuss in it. I didn't put any explicit pictures. I didn't do anything really inappropraite. It's just clarifying something and its blocking me.


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  • did u put images?

    maybe u posted some censored words?

  • Does it have to do with something controversial?

    • Not really, I think. To be honest, I'm just clarifying transsexual and transgender, not talking about anything or anyone in particular. All I said, in the beginning, was "So with all this Caitlyn stuff going on..." to start it.

    • I don't know then.

  • Yeah this happens to me too