80s music poll: Favorite album by Naked Eyes/Climie Fisher/Living In A Box/Johnny Hates Jazz?

Naked Eyes were an 80s synth-pop releasing 2 albums during mid 80s. Mostly popular for their hits “Always Something There To Remind Me” and “Promises, Promises”…both albums were fantastic!!!

After their break-up Rob Fisher formed Climie Fisher along wid Simon Climie. Climie Fisher released 2 albums as well…. i liked only their debut personally.

Similar soundin bands wid Clmie Fisher, were Living In A Box and Johnny Hates Jazz…both havin some hits during late 80s

  • Burning Bridges (Naked Eyes)
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  • Fuel For The Fire (Naked Eyes)
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  • Everything (Climie Fisher)
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  • Coming In For The Kill (Climie Fisher)
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  • Living In A Box (Living In A Box)
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  • Gatecrashing (Living In A Box)
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  • Turn Back The Clock (Johnny Hates Jazz)
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  • I'd go with Turn Back The Clock (I hate jazz too) :P
    Burning Bridges and Fuel For The Fire are also very cool albums.

    • Both were my favs among this list

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    • Right, Blancmange and Thompson Twins had some really great synth & new wave songs

    • Thanks for the MHO :D


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What Girls Said 3

  • I have never heard of them. However I voted D. I don't even know why.

    • Naked Eyes were really popular (especially in america) and they have some classics hits

  • Gatecrashing

  • I've never heard of any of those bands. Have you heard of Toto


What Guys Said 4

  • For me, for sure, TBTC by JHJ was the best. However, both albums by LIAB are also good. LIAB became known when Stock, Aitken and Waterman were making a hit out of every other artist. If I am not mistaken, I did find a new album by JHJ on Spotify. As for Naked Cell, sorry, never heard of them. But again, I wish JHJ had more albums. Climie Fischer... I used to love "Love Changes Everything". I haven't heard their album carefully enough.

    • Oh... Now that in see you mentioning couple of singles from NC, may be, I know them. I'll do some more research..

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    • guess u were thinkin bout Soft Cell LOL

      and yeah sure most r americans... so most bands might b unknown 2 them, but still most young people round my age, worldwide, don't listen 2 80s music truth is

    • 80s was, and will remain the GOLDEN decade of music.

  • I never heard any of them

  • 100% turn back the clock

  • they all suck klaatu... but really... who names their band johnny hates jazz or living in a box...

    • Creativity...

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    • Wresslin ring... i will accept no defeat... otherwise people will laugh at me if i lose from a 13 yo boi lol

    • ok. ill bring my nerf guns so we dont get bored after it