How to deal woth being hormonal and bored?

Any advice on what to do with someone whos hormonal and very bored? I just moved back home (moving in 2 months again) and they dont have work for my at my job before earliest on Monday, im going to london in three weeks so i can't spend money yet, my friends still dont have holiday, the weather bad and pretty much the only thing i can do is stay at home or work out..

The whole experience is even worse because of the hormones.. so how to keep me busy or at leats nto depressed? lol


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  • Chat it up with someone who will keep you company, watch funny comedy, learn something new, or pick a hobby and explore it. I'd go for chatting it up with someone who'll just hear you out.


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  • Watch a movie, listen to music, read a book? ^-^


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