I think I ll leave internet for a while?

im tired of this. English isn't my mother tongue. and i hated my country, thats why i always hanged out on english-speaking sites. but people are so resentful. whatever tf i talk about goes to "homophobia, athetism, racism and bullying". seriously, im a bisexual person. how come can i be homophobic? but i can't prove that.

im an atheist too. and im rather disturbed by my atheist fellows. all they do is annoy the hell out of christians. atheists think theyre better than catholics. yes, catholics have flaws too but are atheists angels? how so?

racism... do all the black people be resentful? for gods sake whatever i say they think im racist. BUT RACISM isn't EVEN AN ISSUE OF MY COUNTRY. i never hated black people and i laugh at how seriously they take racism. okay, i know the bus stories, i know how black people bashed, but its ended. today black people are everywhere. theyre even better than white people. there are great rappers. there are great footballers. there are great basketballers. black people are awesome. but when im online, i get the comments that "youre racist." why are you so offensive?;?

lastly, the bullying. can't i frigging state an opinion? can't i dislike a video on youtube? does that person have to feel "bullied"? its my frigging opinion. I DO NOT LIKE YOUR VIDEO. i didn't comment badly, i didn't say anything rude, yet im a bully. how so? do you frigging know about my country? do you know that 5 people beat the hell out of 1 person yet nothing happens. nothing serious happens. that beaten guy doesn't go to the police because he thinks its no big deal. he says: "yes, this time they beat me, but next time i ll beat the hell out of them." he comes back with other 10 people and beat the former 5 people.

thus, the peoples nerves calm down. my country doesn't seem civilized but seriously i dont hate it any more thanks to the obsessed internet users. because of your comments i ll have a break.


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  • Maybe it would be best, the thing is people are a lot more blunt online so if you wear your heart on your sleeve it won't do you any good. As for English not being your first language, I went through the same thing when I moved to the US but you have to remember practice makes perfect... so giving up won't necessarily be the best thing for you.


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  • its probably how you convey your ideas, im sure your intentions are all in the right place. this just means you need more practice.

    • thank you that was really nice.

  • basically try 2 stay in order 2 improve yer English at least... i don't say it in an offensive way, but i believe English r essential in our days, no matter where r u from

    • yep... i was thinking about learning Spanish, one of the most spoken languages but i gave up on the idea... who gives a damn to how many people i can communicate with? i should learn german and live in Europe for the rest of my life, and be close to my homeland...

    • @Klaatu51 - Grammar is essential too.

    • @ironeddie i'd rather call it "sentence structure"

      and yeah... it's called textin language and slang. slang's needed as well... u won't go anywhere, if u know shit about slang... i'm talkin about non-english speakers, who won't have da chance learnin it from books

  • Taking a break is not the solution. You should try to get over your problems because the best way to escape any problem is to face it. Try to improve your English . Let people say anything, you just do what you want to do.

    • If you need any kind of help, you're most welcome :)

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    • Yep but you don't seem to read what I wrote. Honest, tl;dr? :-D

    • I've read everything you wrote.

  • You might have too high of a standard with regards to communicating online. There is a reason people are here talking shit and not out in the world doing something else. You can do or say whatever you want but expect flames from time to time.

  • Yeah, people are assholes.


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