How to ace an exam?

I have an exam tomorrow.

I have either dumbed down, or forgotten how to study.

Which is understandable, consdering my 2-year break from school.

But I have an exam! How do I ace it.


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  • Studying is a very unique process for every individual because no one's brain is the same. We all learn differently. The key is knowing how your brain works, knowing how to take advantage of its strengths, identifying the weaknesses and determining a way to overcome them. The biggest thing is, do not panic, stay calm and confident. That alone will help you tremendously.

    A lot of universal techniques:
    Repeated exposure to the information such as flash cards.
    Visual charting and categorization.
    Teaching the information to someone else (a personal favorite of mine, that is why I love this site, it increases my learning)

    Personally, I do not study. I have successfully made it all the way though school, college, law school, and passed the bar exam without ever studying. I can do that because I know how my brain works, I can't sit and study, so I pay attention throughout a course, am very good at simplifying the information and identifying what is relevant and what is not. I thus easily master information as I am exposed to it and only need to glance quickly at my notes before an exam to bring it fresh in my memory. My friends that know this hate me for it, and I do not blame them. But honestly the true trick is knowing your own self and using your strengths to your advantage. If you know you learn well by being exposed to information, make flashcards and quiz yourself. If you know you learn a lot by explaining it to someone else, find a friend or a stuffed animal you can teach your exam material to. There's no shame in using a method as long as the method works for you. Most importantly, stay calm and believe in yourself. It is only a test, you've been taking them your whole life. It's no bid deal.

    • This was very helpful!

      I've been like that too, I hate studying, (in terms of sitting and studying), and usually grasp information pretty quickly.

      But lately I don't know. My brains been cheating me lol.

      I'll remember some of the stuff you mentioned, however.

      By the way on the friends hating you part... yup, been there. It's a nightmare when you're not aware they feel that way lol.

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  • Just sit down and study hard. Try to memorize the information by repeatedly reading the material and then try to write it all on a sheet of paper. After you do that compare your text to the information in your books and if you were right then you will know that you're ready for that exam.

  • Make flash cards. Write the question on one side and the answer on the other.
    Read your textbook and note down the important things.

  • A gager here once said, she prayed.. and it worked.

  • you have to study.

  • Just calm your nerves, there are no step by step instructions to ace an exam. Study as best you can but also just relax, le the information sink in. If you stress about it that is when you'll probably do the worst.